The Word is…

Jul 30, 10

That SonicErotica will feature a variety of content in its new inception. From sounds that will allow you to eavesdrop on real sexual experiences, to fictional stories that will ignite your imagination.
A new category that I’ll let slip today is one of storytelling. We have invited contributors to tell a series of stories from their real-life experiences, which we will feature on SonicErotica over the course of a few weeks. Pure non-fiction, straight from the mouths of those who did the deed. All the intimate details only true perpetrators could know.
Our fist lovely lady who will be baring all her raw, ear-blushing exploits is the delightful Hyperballad. Hyperballad is not shy from contributing to erotica, as a regular on I Shot Myself and I Feel Myself. But laying it all out for the benefit of your ears is certainly pushing a new boundary for her. So look forward to “Hyperballad Tells” as some of the first content that will appear on Sonic’s return. She tells it as only Hyperballad can.