Blogger Watch: Library Vixen

Oct 6, 10

Library Vixen has been writing smutty stories from between the stacks for nearly two years. She makes our dirtiest little librarian fantasies into typed truth in her blog. She is on her knees in the Art and Music section on the fourth floor, she mans the reference desk in a skirt with no panties, she perches with one leg crossed over the other on the edge of the desk and beckons you closer with her words. “When she is not writing about sex, she’s having it.”

I thought her recent entry, “Parked Cars,” was a nice complement to our current free erotic mp3, “Up Close and Personal.” Two delicious reminders of the arrousing smells of sex.

My ass still raised up off the seat, you lean in close to the juncture between my legs and take a big inhale. The move makes me so wet.