Supercommuter – part 4 (final)

Oct 12, 06

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It's been a long time, er, coming, but the irrespressible Dandy's sexploits finally wind to an end today. It's been a very public transportation, hasn't it? Next time you're taking the train, bus, tram or hovercraft, you'll want to make sure you check out your fellow commuters. Could any of these people be as outrageous as Dandy? Could they BE Dandy?

  • opiated


  • ashmedi

    Very nice, need more audio tracks like that ;)

    Makes me want to get dressed in drag and hang around
    public washrooms :)

  • DarkStorm

    “Handy” Dandy is quite randy! This series is one of the most (if not THE most) erotic things I’ve ever heard. Dandy, thanks for taking us along for the ride. I eagerly await your further aural adventures into the land of Erotica.

  • John

    Being the story is such an awesome format for this site, and for aural erotica in general; congrats. Hope you have more tricks up yer sleeve. Makes me want to try something like this myself.

    I’m curious what you used to record this, and did you do it all in one take?

    Fine work, and so genuine seeming. refreshing.

  • ZEIPH2281924aa3

    Simply amazing.

  • bigmeg

    how is a blind person supposed to find this?