Touching Disability

Aug 28, 10

People with disabilities do not always have equal opportunities for pursuing sexual lives, yet they commonly have the same needs. This ABC National radio documentary, “The Too Hard Basket,” delves intimately into the experiences of people with disabilities in exploring and satisfying their sexual urges, including the simple desire to be touched.

Presenter John Blades, who has a major disability himself, introduces Kylie, the sex worker he regularly sees and tells about his own rediscovered sexuality.

“About 3 years ago with Kylie, we discovered together sexual reawakening, when my erection and ejaculation returned after having been in the wilderness for 23 years….It felt like a great weight, like a cloud had been lifted.” John.

“It’s been a great honor to sometimes be the first person that has ever been able to really touch someone, or caress someone, or hold someone in a way that doesn’t involve washing, or bathing, or taking someone’s temperature, or undressing or dressing them. All those things are mechanical acts where you’re physically touching their body, but it’s not looking at the person as a whole.” Kylie

Listen to the stories of John, Kylie and other sex workers and people with disabilities as they share their personal stories in this free recording.

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  • jeordie

    Thanks folks :)

    I spent 4+ years recovering from a brain injury. One of my symptoms was hypersexuality but with few outlets other than masturbation. One friend (missing a leg) jumped me but until my recovery began to plateau I was stuck with fantasies, books and bad porn (until I encountered BA and IFM :) ).

    One thing I’ve considered since is becoming a sex/sense worker in the disabled community. I make the differentiation because of input from my disabled friends, theraputic body workers and sex workers. Much that is sought in the name of sex is intimacy and sensuality and is a major deficit in the whole of society and more so when accompanied by a physical, emotional or mental limitation.

    My girlfriend doesn’t share. Period. I’m ok with this but if she and I ever part I’d say it’s my next venture.

  • sonic

    I’d say it’s a pretty noble venture. If you ever get the chance go for it! The organisation Touching Base, mentioned in the documentary, are doing some really important work.