I Missed You…

Sep 20, 10

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Sonic’s back in town baby! Tonight we meet you on the doorstep for a key-fumbling, button-popping, door-thumping reunion as we bring Vanilla Impaired’s fiction to aural life. This first erotic encounter of SE’s return knows what you want and gives you what you need before even making it indoors.

  • viva

    oh my god. this is fantastically hot. i have never heard anything like it – thanks to del and vanilla impaired and of course sonic erotica – cant wait to hear more!

  • http://yeahbutnobutyeahbut.wordpress.com HyperB

    Hotness, absolute undiluted hotness of the most excellent kind. Cannot wait for more. So glad SE is back!

  • Spekks

    Woah! That is seriously hot.

  • http://vanillaimpaired.com vanimp

    Most awesome :D I had a wee listen tonight and am totally stoked at how it came out! xxx

  • Sherilyn

    That was seriously hot, this is awesome. Will there be new stuff posted frequently?

  • http://www.sonicerotica.com sonic

    Thanks for the feedback folks. More new content up today! You can expect 2 updates weekly.