Online Collaborative Erotica at Open Sauce

Jul 6, 11

Lets all get together and write an erotic story! That’s the idea behind Open Sauce, where currently an on-going collaboration is morphing one single erotic story into a shared creation.

The project starts with a stereotypical short erotic story, which you’re invited to read and then make edits to. Interestingly, it is composed entirely of short quotes lifted from a variety of paperback romance novels. You have the chance to change it into writing that gets you off, using the open sauce wiki.

It could be as simple as changing a body part mentioned, or perhaps altering characters’ gender… follow your whims, and edit the story to suit you! Then, check back to see how other people respond to your version – what fantasies do they share, and what is different?

The story will evolve to reflect the tastes and desires of those who participate. It will result in a series of composite texts where many people’s fantasies encounter one another.

Open Sauce experiments with the deeply human, erotic possibilities of opening up access to our creative work and allowing it to evolve into something shared.

This game of erotic Chinese whispers can be read on the Open Sauce site, where many revisions have already been made, with authors leaving comments about what they changed and why. Read the current version of the Open Sauce story then make it into something you’d want to read!

Listen to Mia of the podcast I Want Your Sex, read her favourite version of the Open Sauce story.

via: BitchBuzz