Blind Date

Nov 30, 06

So you’ve stumbled upon SonicErotica and you’re a bit curious. You want to know just what sex and sexuality is about for someone who’s been visually impaired well into their adult life. We came across a fantastic interview lately on where Lisa Carver asks “nosy questions about the sex lives of four people with disabilities”.

Here’s an excerpt:
Lisa: Do you think anyone is ever drawn to you because you’re blind?
Krysta: Yeah. People who think it has this weird mystique — blindness as symbolism for being able to see, that somehow I’m more perceptive of the truth. Some guys also have a savior/protector ideology.
Lisa: That sounds obnoxious.

Krysta: It is. I tell them, “You’re wasting my time, you patronizing pain in the ass.” Or when people are so impressed: “It’s so cool how you do stuff.” Right, I’m getting on with my life. Wow. They think going out with me automatically means they’ll have to be reading my mail and feeding me and who knows what. They have moments of cognitive dissonance when they find out I have body piercings and a tattoo. I don’t have handcuffs in my bedroom, but I’ve thought about it. I don’t get freaked out easily, and that goes against the perception of blindness being asexual, helpless, conservative, quiet, timid and not terribly adventurous. I tend to be fairly liberal and well aware of what’s going on in the world.

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  • Ell

    Hey thanks for the links to these wonderful interviews, the frankness and candour as well as the humour make them great reading!


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