IceScreams – Part 3

Aug 3, 06

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Liandra returns to the bedroom with a fresh tray of ice cubes to take up the zero-degree masturbation challenge with Cle. Things degenerate into a gigglefest at first, but as the girls warm up and the ice melts, they get into a serious rhythm and begin to feed off each other's sexual energy. Liandra finally gives in to a crashing wave of orgasms, but the true climax is yet to come.

  • ashmedi

    Extremely erotic.
    Being a voyeur, I love to be able to watch or listen to the female sex. Their voices and laughter are an extreme turn on. And I love the idea that I feel I
    am a silent participant in this game of pleasure. I am also a wee bit jealous of their equipment and their openess in sharing and using what God gave them.

    I hope there will be many more submissions like this one.

    Thank you Liandra and Cle xxooxxooxxooxxoo