Aural Voyeurism

Aug 10, 10

…is really what SonicErotica is all about. We want to hook you up with all the real and tasty ear candy we can find. So we’ve been gathering content for another new category to grace the site, “Aural Voyeurism.” Real people, real couples, real sex sessions and solo time – and you get to listen in on all the action. Not only does SonicErotica use only genuine sound effects in the soundscapes of our stories, but with Aural Voyeurism we will be bringing you the raw and intimate sounds of sex acts, and letting your imagination do the rest. One of the first AV recordings we will bring you is Flora C, enjoying herself in front of our ears and letting us in on her inner fantasies.
“One in each hand, one in my mouth.”
Keep your ears peeled for more.

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  • Nio

    Aural Vouyerism… what a great concept! Awesome.