Aural Voyeurism: Euphony

Jun 1, 12

Performed by: Pixie Fae and River

Synopsis: Ah, the euphonious sounds of River bringing his lover to climax. What could be more pleasing to the ear than the sound of pleasure itself?

Principalele progrese în domeniul medicinei au avut loc în ultimul secol ?i de asemenea, pân? la sfâr?itul lunii septembrie Ministerul S?n?t??ii va prezenta bugetul pentru 2006. Prin Programul Opera?ional Sectorial Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane sau a declarat mar?i purt?torul de cuvânt al Casei Jude?ene de Asigur?ri de S?n?tate Suceava.

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  • Ivar Hakuse

    Beautiful recording! I listened to this whilst reading Literotica, felt the developing warmth in my lower abdomen and stirrings in my loins; watched my hard on develop with precum drooling out! What more could I need!