Blogger Watch: Aisling Weaver & Missy Starrk

Oct 13, 11

We are very excited to feature two authors from the erotic/sex blogosphere this month.

Aisling Weaver has been on our radar for a while, but the piece of her writing that appears this month came to us through a #twitterotica competition we ran earlier this year. We challenged tweeters to give us some quality smut in ten tweets or less, and Aisling came through with a winning entry that gets hot and heavy from the very first sentence. Here’s an excerpt of “Lust’s Claim”:

Up against a wall she pinned me.
“You’re mine tonight.” Her breath, hot, humid, slid along my cheek. My skirt retreated before her confident hands, baring my ass to the cold air.
“I will mark you,” she promised, nails dragging lightly over the swell of flesh.
“I will make you beg,” she continued and I mewled with want. My cunt plumped with blood. I craved the deep fuck I knew she could give me. She slipped one finger into me, just one, and I shook.

Aisling’s erotic writing touches on themes such as BDSM, threesomes, bondage, bloodplay, submission and dominance. She also tweets regularly, podcasts and has published multiple erotic story compilations. I’m sure there will be more of her to come on Sonic Erotica.

Missy Starrk is also an avid tweeter. When we discovered her blog post titled, “My Turn” we knew it would make a great recording. After much anticipation, we found just the right voice talent in Angela, to really bring this fantasy to aural life. It’s great to have a little femdom on the site – and I know Missy was pleased with the result, as she tweeted that she feels like a “proud perverted parent.”

He’ll be here in a few hours and the room is ready. But I’m not. I’ve used my fingers to penetrate him before, but never something else. It’s next to the bed; I purchased it just today. It’s not flashy but it’ll work. Whenever I’ve fingered him before his cock gets huge – it’s delicious. Tonight I will fuck him. I will fill him like he has filled me.
I shower and soap my body, fingers tracing my openings. I’m slick from the soap and my own self-made wet. My nipples become pointy and hard. I will fuck him tonight.

Jane’s guide calls Missy’s blog, “An abstract portrait of lust, yearning, and exploration.” She frankly discusses many aspects of her sex life which may sway into kink territory. Oh, and if you like sex toy reviews she’s very open with her recommendations.