The Erotic Literary Salon Live Monthly Meets

Sep 19, 11

Another sexy reading event for those who love to listen to saucy tales, The Erotic Literary Salon, is held monthly in Philly. Join a community of erotica connoisseurs, readers and writers on Tues 20th September. This month will feature presenters from Shijin, a CT. based poetry performance troupe.

Venue: TIME Restaurant (The Bohemian Absinthe Lounge)
1315 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19107 215-985-4800
Doors: 7:30 /Salon begins at 8PM
Admission: $10 General / $8 Seniors (65+), Students and Readers 21+
Dates: 3rd. Tuesday of every month

For a taste of what to expect at an Erotic Literary Salon event, read these journal excerpts that were performed at the first Salon, May 20th. An attendee decided to rush home during intermission to find his journal, he originally thought his words would be banned. After hearing the first half of the evening he knew they would fit right in.

> she has great control of her hips
> as you lay back and enjoy
> 15 minutes later she sweatily cracks
> “you’re making me earn it”
> so you lick her tits a little to make it interesting
> her writhing tells you its working
> and suddenly you MUST be on top
> and you’re nailing her to the bed in a perfect coordination
> of violence and velocity
> shes confides later that shes never seen someone so fast
> bunnyfucking is what that’s called

The Live Salon events invite you to participate as a writer, reader, storyteller, spoken word performer or just come to listen, enjoy and applaud.