Aural Voyeurism: Euphony 2

Jun 8, 12

Performed by: Pixie Fae and River

Synopsis: Pixie Fae is well aware of the effect she has on her man, and with his encouragement, she takes full advantage of his tender attentions. Their heaving breaths and hungry kisses are intoxicating listening.

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  • Ivar Hakuse

    Brilliant offering!! Gave me a hard on and almost came just listening to what his lips and tongue were doing on one side and her response on the other side. The scenario was left to our own imaginations were they 69ing was she on her side or was she crouching so his face was in her butt? Just loved it! More please. The fact there were no words or story made it even better. The only thing similar I’ve found is ‘Wet pussy sounds’ on ‘ Sounds of sex-Tumblr’. Sound effects of a wet pussy being fucked. Also well worth a listen!