Yoko Ono’s Evocative Screams

Sep 15, 10

Yoko Ono is currently exhibiting her 1961 “instruction painting” Voice Piece for Soprano at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The instructions are:

1. against the wind
2. against the wall
3. against the sky

Play the video to hear her demonstrating how this can be done. She lets loose with a howling abandon that makes me pity any neighbours her and Lennon may have had.

Ono said of her performance,

When I saw the microphone, I just felt like doing it. I think that’s very true of me in general. When I hear music, my body starts to move, and I’m dancing. Between a dance and a scream: well, that’s me.

MoMA exhibition, MoMA blog, Artinfo Ono interview.