Blogger watch: Audacia Ray

Nov 1, 06

Were you wondering where all the hot, intelligent, vocal, original, motivated and talented women writers are? They're probably all reading Audacia Ray's blog 'Waking Vixen' for a few pointers on how to be awesome.

Our heroine of the day edits for $pread Magazine (a glossy quarterley for sex workers and those who support their rights), can boast guest appearances in bigtime publications such as Village Voice & Time Out New York, is a regular speaker & sex worker advocate on the American university circuit and has given more article in more places than you've had dirty thoughts. It's unsurprising that such a prolific and talented lady has gleaned a swag of recognition from blog reviewers and the press, and it's probably a good thing the rewards aren't the girl-scout stitch-on kind, as Audacia is frequently naked online and would probably run out of places to sew them.

She's currently in the process of writing a book about female sexuality and the internet, “including chapters on dating/hooking up; sex blogging; sex worker advertising and networking; wives and girlfriends of partners who indulge in sexual activities online; sexual health and online support communities; and technology that enables physical sexual encounters.” If you think you have some information to share with her on these topics, Audacia invites you participate. Visit Waking Vixen for more information.

  • Audacia Ray

    Awwww, thanks for the kind words!