What’s Your Fantasy? [1]

Sep 27, 10

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SonicErotica delves into the sexual fantasies of others to listen to the secret inner scenarios that get them all hot and bothered. These women share all real script-free answers, told in confidence to you.

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  • http://yeahbutnobutyeahbut.wordpress.com HyperB

    Really cool segment, would love to hear more of this, I find it really really fascinating. I don’t fantasise a great deal myself, so it’s awesome and interesting to hear others inner workings…

  • http://www.sonicerotica.com sonic

    Guess what? this is only part 1!

  • http://yeahbutnobutyeahbut.wordpress.com HyperB


  • Von

    The old hardwood table made me think of “training of o”. So damn hot.

  • http://niofaps.wordpress.com Nio