Tempting tips

Nov 2, 06

If you want to begin writing dirty and don't know where to start, we might just have found the antidote to your erotic awkwardness.

CKUT radio in Montreal (90.3FM) hosts a show called Audio Smut, hosted by the delightful Amber, Sarah and Stephanie. On Nov 1 they dedicated their show to the reading and writing of dirty stories. You may have missed out on hearing it live, but the good news is that it's available for download via the Hersay podcast. Guests discuss what makes writing sexy, share their pieces out loud, and talk about all things smut. We loved poet Mike Harris's astute observations about the pedestrian nature of mainstream erotica from his experience during his time as a bookstore clerk. Embracing your own shame, & accepting yourself is part of the key to writing great, honest erotica. Viva that!

Our good friend Laura, editor-in-chief at Black Heart Magazine, makes a special guest appearance to read her short work “Virgo” and unsurprisingly, sounds as hot as she writes.

  • http://blackheartmagazine.com Laura

    Thanks for the plug. Glad you enjoyed the show. :)