Jul 25, 12

SE blogThe sense of touch is one that we try our darndest to convey in our audio erotica. In mainstream pornography so much emphasis is placed on the appearance of a porn star or the closeup of gleaming genitals that you may forget that it is the feeling of those body parts you are seeking, not how round or tanned they are. How lovely is a description so well-written that your skin shivers with an imagined stroke? Here are two very sensuous pieces on the topic of touch, over at Sexis.

AHubbyof2SexualMinds tells the story of a game of guided touch with his wife.

She had always loved for me to use my hands on her, running along her body and within her, but had never felt comfortable with her own hands and fingers. I found this odd, only because in our lives touch is something we experience all of the time and a great deal of that touch comes from our hands interacting with things, people, objects, the keyboard as I’m typing this. We are comfortable using our hands as we need for many things, but often people don’t feel comfortable in touching themselves. Read More…

From the incredible intimacy of simply holding hands, to their uses in the context of kink, Mollena takes us on her tactile journey.

I have been shocked by the amount of pain and discomfort and pleasure that someone can provide me with the same pair of hands. Fingers that gently caress one moment can, within an instant, switchback to pincers that pull and abuse willing flesh into new realms of pleasurable pain. The hand that softly strokes my face can, within a flash, slap the breath out of me, leaving me dizzy and reeling, gasping and blinking in the flashbulb aftermath of an astonishingly fast contact that leaves me longing in terror of the next strike. Read More…

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