Blogger Watch: The story of O

Oct 13, 06

“O” is a student, intellectual, slut.
In her blog Eros, Logos, she shares her strikingly intellectual sexual exploits with an eager audience, and never disappoints the voyeur in you – especially if you're always yearned to pry into someone's head as well as their pants. The following is an excerpt:

“This is my life, a small piece of it…
None of us who write about our erotic lives ever do tell everything, even in this anonymous medium. The most important things are always hidden, being too private to share with anyone but our lover… I want to write only truth, and so I write as much of it as I may, no more, never less. I could make up names and jobs, obscure facts or change them just enough …but it would mean writing something false.
I prefer not to.”

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