Suzi reads Playboy for the Blind

Sep 22, 10

SonicErotica recognises that the visually-impaired are by no means limited in their interest in erotic literature. Luckily, Taping for the Blind, based in Houston, Texas knows this too. It is one of many organisations which record aural readings of current periodicals in order to provide the visually-impaired with access to print media. In an attempt to represent the scope of print media available, one volunteer, Suzi Hanks, regularly records men’s magazine Playboy for the blind. She’s the first woman to read Playboy for Taping for the Blind. “I don’t have to try to read it sexy, I just read it, and I’m a woman, and that’s pretty much sexy.” she says. She doesn’t just read the articles and stories though, she also puts into words what she sees in the photographs and centrefolds. In this video you can hear her explain why and how she does it.

via: The Frisky