Red Umbrella Diaries

Mar 23, 11

Red Umbrella Diaries is a monthly storytelling series in New York, where people who’ve tangled with the sex industry tell personal stories about the complications that arise when you mix sex and money. Recordings of these stories are regularly released as a free audio podcast.

Here are two audio clips from the storytelling events that we recommend listening to.

In “Stunt Cunt,” Laura G. Duncan tells a story about being a gynecological teaching associate (GTA). She is a sexual health researcher, educator and writer currently living in Brooklyn.

In “The Dabbler,” Kira Manser shares two stories about dabbling in the sex industry and learning about diverse fetishes. Kira Manser traces her sex education roots from Miko, a feminist run sex shop in Providence, to her current position as an educator at The Velvet Lily, a sex-positive shop in Philly. Currently, she can be found working on a dual masters program in social work and education in human sexuality at Widener University.

Live events and podcast are hosted by Audacia Ray.
The live storytelling event is at
Happy Ending, 302 Broome Street between Forsyth and Eldridge
First Thursday of the Month. Doors at 7 pm, reading from 8-10
21 and up + FREE
visit: Red Umbrella Diaries