The Fellatio Monologues

Nov 13, 11

On until Saturday Nov 19th in Melbourne is ‘The Fellatio Monologues’ a performance about love, life and intimacy. The five monologues are written and directed by Scott Majors and performed by Australian cast members from well-known local television shows.

‘The Fellatio Monologues’ explores the differences between men and woman and also takes a look at how sometimes we are not always thinking about the job at hand. Are we always honest with ourselves, and those around us? Can an intimate shared moment be the catalyst for a break-up or a reconciliation? And what is actually going through your head on a one-night stand? Is it really the act you are performing?

Still not convinced? Read Claire Pickering’s review.

While you could be forgiven for thinking this show is essentially about penis jokes, Major’s aim in writing this piece is to address a more serious side of relationships. The bonus to this production is that it not only gives you permission to laugh out loud, but also to consider those awkward sexual issues within the relative anonymity and safety of your comfortable theatre seat.
Most interesting for me was how the audience unwittingly revealed their experiences and secrets in the moments when they laughed. In particular, one gentleman behind me gave a fascinating insight into his own life journey and sexual adventures. You could almost hear the collective audience snigger of: ‘Oh, you’ve done that too!’

Remaining shows:
Tues Nov 15 – Sat Nov 19
Revolt Melbourne
12 Elizabeth Street Kensington VIC

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