Hyperballad Tells: Roadgasm

Oct 29, 10

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With the journey that Hyperballad has taken us on thus far, it seems only fitting that she end it with a risque roadtrip. In her final tale for SonicErotica (but surely not the last she’ll ever tell), she details an automobile adventure that begins with a passenger seat tease and progresses to an x-rated rest-stop. We thank Hyperballad for sharing her dirty-beautiful loving with us and wish her many sexual boundaries to obliterate into the future. Find her other sexy-makings at ifeelmyself.com and ishotmyself.com.

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  • meshes

    Hyperballad tells such lovely stories. This is the first one I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. I love how you give full kudos to wonderful man, and the way that safety really comes first. I was glad to hear it, because your sexual presence through soundwaves is intense enough, I can’t imagine what it would be like in the flesh… Wow and thanks, i’m going to explore the rest of the series now!

  • Von

    I love this story so much.

  • Bobby

    oh you and your man, Hyperballad are so totally excellent. And you are especially good at telling a story. I also really appretiate the understated background sounds, the words were sexy enough, again really beautifully constructed.