SonicErotica is coming!

Jul 16, 10

Good news: SonicErotica is set for a revival!
With renewed variety of content we will be beginning regular updates at very soon. My name is Hannah and I will be taking the helm of SonicErotica 2010 to provide you with the same high sound quality that you have come to expect from the project. Along with writing that will make you weak at the knees and real sound effects that will bring aural voyeurism to a new level, SonicErotica is geared to make you tingle in all the right places.
Keep in touch, send through your comments, questions, hopes and dreams for SonicErotica’s relaunch. The date will be set in the coming weeks, so that you can mark it in your diaries, and begin crossing off the days.

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  • Nio

    Awesome! You rock, Ms Hannah! I look forward to the revival, be sure to let us know how we can promote y’all in our blogs and whatnot.

  • Anjo

    That’s great news! I haven’t been here in such a long time but I’m glad that I randomly revisited today. I love the idea of aural voyeurism and can’t wait to hear all the new content!

  • Sherilyn

    *beams with excitement*