Call for Artistic Collaboration

Jan 12, 11

Independent media artist Teresa Ascencao is calling for female identified, of age of majority contributors for her artistic project Euphoric Femme.

Euphoric Femme is a series of audio-visual artworks inspired by sex-positive feminism, and which explore women’s sexual subjectivity through non-objective media art experiences. The artworks are created in artistic collaboration with people who identify as women and want to explore and reinvent sexual expression and representation.

Contributors are asked to photograph themselves or record the sound whilst they are self-pleasuring. The images and sounds will then be edited and transformed into unrecognisable audio-visual content for the project.

The project will be realised both online and as an exhibited installation. The video above shows the prototype of the audience-engaged interactive installation, in which visitors trigger kaleidoscope-like videos and meditative sounds.

If you would like to be part of this project please visit the Euphoric Femme website for more information.