Your Voice On Sonic Erotica

Nov 17, 11

As I recently announced on the Erotic Awakening podcast, we are seeking answers from our listeners, to compile into a special Sonic Erotica episode. This is your chance to be heard on Sonic Erotica.

The question we have for you is: What gives you your most powerful orgasms? Is it something in particular that your lover does, is it your personal kink, a way of being touched or just pure anticipation? What do you know will put you into mind blowing orgasm territory?

Make sure you have a nice quiet space and record an answer using your computer or your cell phone to make a digital file in wav or mp3 format. Then get in touch using the contact form for instructions on how to send us the audio. Answers can be as short as one or two sentences or as long as 3 minutes.

We’ll combine your answers into another piece similar to “What’s Your Fantasy?” and “It Feels Like…”