TSA Disability Pat-Downs

Dec 10, 10

The Transportation Security Administration’s new screening procedures have received plenty of critical media attention. The backscatter body imaging is causing concern over invasion of privacy and the opt-out enhanced pat-down has been likened to groping or even sexual assault. But what do these screening procedures mean for people with disabilities?
In an open letter, the TSA notified members of the disabled community that “alternative screening techniques” may be necessary for some people with disabilities. The letter states:

Some people with disabilities are ineligible for screening using AIT including the following: people who use wheelchairs and scooters who cannot stand; anyone who cannot stand with their arms raised at shoulder level for the 5-7 second duration ofthe scan; anyone who is not able to stand without the use ofa cane, crutch, walker, etc; people who use service animals; people using or carrying oxygen; and individuals accompanying and providing assistance to those individuals described above. These people will be screened using alternate screening techniques including pat-downs.

via: Disability Scoop
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