The Sounds of an Aroused Vagina

Nov 16, 10

The REAL Vagina Monologue is taking place in Montreal, Canada on Thursday 18 November. At the Magic Sound Box, a recurring live art performance, you can sit in the dark, in an enclosed space and listen to radio from inside the box. If this intimate listening space isn’t enough for you, at the 3rd Magic Sound Box event, the sounds you will be listening to were made by Jess MG, a contact microphone and her vagina.

“Basically I shove a microphone up my petunia, masturbate and record it,” she reveals. “Recently I started using a contact microphone so it picks up the vibrations in the vagina. I’m still experimenting and processing the audio but let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my vagina made less of a squishy sound than a rumble in a dark velvet room sound.”

Seems like the Magic Sound Box would be the perfect environment to experience this audio. Get along:

LOCATION: L’Envers, 185 Van Horne (just east of Parc Ave)
DATE: Thursday, November 18th
TIME: 7pm or 9pm SHARP!
COST: $7-12 Sliding Scale

If you can’t make it, you can hear the delightfully surprising free recording as part of this podcast from sex positive radio show Audio Smut, which airs on CKUT 90.3 FM. Also included in this podcast are interesting discussions on the sounds of sexual pleasure and sex sound politics in share-housing, music made by charting a woman’s fertility cycle and some telephone dirty talk.
via: Cunt Love & SexLife Canada

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