Text Based Intimacy – Or Lack Thereof

Nov 22, 10

Blah blah blah, apparently social networking and text-based communication are “destroying intimacy” as they leave us less able to form “real bonds”. We know, we know; we have become twittering zombies. Leigh Alexander’s article has a tongue in cheek look at the ways we use text based communication to conveniently orchestrate physical intimacy (i.e. hook ups), whilst avoiding emotional intimacy (i.e. commitment).

What Alexander has to say on text messaging:

Text messaging is a crucial component of your strategy to be intimate with someone while keeping them at a distance. Once you have ‘cased’ your target using social networks – and it is advisable to be self-aware and not pretend you are doing anything more dignified than that – you will use text messaging to ‘seal the deal’.

Once you send the person you only recently only kind-of met a text message that says ‘hey is anything going on tonight’ you will ‘tip your hand,’ so to speak, and you should be aware that you should not send text messages like that, nor text messages to the effect of ‘what are you up to’ after a certain hour unless you would like the recipient to construe your text message as a sexual invitation. That is just the world we live in.

via:Thought Catalog