Sex Noise Complaint in Court

Sep 29, 10

We love the sounds of sex, but if, instead of some cheeky eavesdropping, you are faced with a neighbour’s incessant screaming, then aural voyeurism loses its fun. British Woman, Caroline Cartwright, 49, has been in and out of court since 2005 over noise complaints from her raucous lovemaking, filed by disturbed neighbours and even a mailman.
“I did not understand why people asked me to be quiet because to me it is normal,” Cartwright explained at a court appearance.
But according to witnesses, she and her husband Steve, (who notably has not been charged despite his part in it all) have three-hour screaming sessions from midnight to 3 a.m, drowning out Neighbours’ TVs and radios with the noise. That is some loud sex!
“I heard sounds of a sexual nature, they were really loud, and there was a lot of moaning and groaning and screaming as if in pain,” reported neighbour Rachel O’Connor, who made 23 recordings of the couple having sex to be used as evidence in court. Oh, imagine adding those recordings to the SonicErotica podcast!
Cartwright just can’t seem to quieten down. She continues to breach an Anti Social Behaviour Order, which bans her from “making excessive noise” during sex anywhere in Britain. Appearing in court again in July, the judge threatened her with jail time.
In response to her numerous arrests Cartwright has said, “I can’t stop making noise during sex, it’s unnatural to not make any noises, and I don’t think that I’m particularly loud.”

via NYDaily News, & Daily Telegraph.