Blogger Watch: The Sex Experiment

Sep 29, 11

I’ve just recently discovered this website called The Sex Experiment. The writer introduces the website by explaining that he recently discovered surprising sexual fantasies in his wife’s diary. Given that he feels that their sex life is slipping away from their old lustful habits, he comes up with an intriguing idea. He sends her an anonymous email from a secret admirer proposing a series of sexual challenges to fulfill.

I would like to send you an e-mail occasionally with a sexual challenge – a proposal of some little sexual risk you might not otherwise take. What would excite me more than anything is if you would occasionally write back telling me how the experiment went.

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When she writes back simply, “Why not,” the challenges begin. He writes to her and she replies in descriptive detail. Follow along as this secret email relationship reveals more and more to this husband about his own wife. I’m only a few posts in and I’m hooked! I strongly suggest you head to the first entry and start reading.
Here is the first experiment he sends to her as “secret admirer”:

Dear X,

This is today’s experiment. Today you will not wear panties or a bra. You will wear a blouse open at the collar, and you will not wear stockings. If your husband occasionally sees you dressing, he must not see you today. Let the skirt be long enough to make you feel comfortable, but it should not go past the knee. This is imperative. As you slide it up over your hips, feel the nakedness of your thighs, feel your ass naked against the fabric of the skirt. Then, if you can, sit before a mirror. Spread your legs until you can see your pussy, but do not touch. You should simply understand how easy it would be to expose you. Then the blouse. Feel your breasts as you button it, and then, the sensation of your nipples against the fabric. Will it be cotton? Or silk? I wish you would tell me. And then I will insist: high heels today, but again, not so high as to make you feel uncomfortable. I want you to feel sexy, to feel it in your legs, your groin, your hips, your chest, the power you have over a man.

You will walk down the street, or sit at a table working somewhere, and they will be watching you. You are too innocent. How is it that you never seem to notice them all? So today, feeling your body more exposed than you typically might dare, imagine what they would do if they knew that underneath you are wearing nothing. Imagine the thoughts in their minds, imagine their cocks growing tight in their pants at the thought of running a hand up your thigh, or brushing a hand against your blouse. Can they see down your blouse? Look at their cocks as you walk down the street. I promise you will see the bulge in their pants. They will be looking up the line of your legs, and maybe you will be growing slightly wet at the thought of them seeing more. Feel your nakedness, feel the cool air between your legs, and imagine how close you are to being completely naked. Will you reveal more than is wise as you sit, or turn, or bend over? Imagine if he came close. Imagine whispering the truth of today in his ear.

This is today’s challenge. If you are willing, I would be grateful if you would write an e-mail in response describing the results. Good luck.



The writer still has no idea if she knows that he is the admirer, no idea what her responses will be, and no idea where this will go.