Naughty Haiku

May 15, 11

Everyone appreciates the Japanese art of haiku – using precious few syllables to portray a poetic message. But what if this message is not only creative, but cheeky too? Fun for all! Naughty Haiku first caught our attention on twitter, where regular tweets fit 3 lines of haikus 5-7-5 into 140 characters. Suddenly, twitter seems built for succinct haiku filth! The poems can be read on Naughty Haiku’s blog as well.
Some favourites:

She answered the phone / Talking as well as she could / While receiving head

Fingers in her cunt / Thumb in her ass, he gripped her / Like a bowling ball

Outside her window / It rains like swingers at a / Bukkake party

He picked up her shoe / Spanked her ass with the sole, then / Inserted the heel