Guest Post: A Letter

Mar 2, 12

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Can you believe that GNY can’t hear any sexiness in his own voice? He makes use of it’s various tones with such skill here. Of course, it helps that the story is incredibly hot as is. I suggest you sit back and imagine that this delightfully informative letter is addressed to you.

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  • anouk

    Wow, GNY actually songs like my favorite English actor with an american accent. Please read more of your writings because your voice, that soft burr, is perfect.

  • Kimmy

    Thank you for what you’re doing. There needs to be more male readings for females. I find it easier to get off on this than porn. If you would like me to do any readings for you in return I’d be happy to GNY.

  • YAS

    Thisn is seriusly so hot. Love it, please submit more.