Fantasy Pride

Nov 8, 11

Did you catch Remittance Girl’s announcement of Fantasy Pride Day? It’s all about removing the shame that may come with certain fantasies. Fantasies can take us some places that we would never or could never go in reality. She’s particularly focusing on fantasies that include non-consent. At the moment, we don’t use non-consensual erotic fiction at Sonic Erotica. It’s certainly controversial, and we remain wary of alienating any listeners, but we recognize that it is a totally valid and fairly pervasive fantasy. And there’s no appealing to every listener with every story we feature anyway, so it may well be considered in the future. I’m sure that there are some of us here in the office who will admit that non-consent has entered our erotic imaginations at some point.

As RG writes in another post that is well worth reading, “The inference, the suggestion, the assumption is that people who have rape fantasies or write erotic fiction which includes non-con are in any way complacent about actual rape, or seem to feel it is okay, or are ambivalent about it.” But there is a distinct difference between rape or non-con play/fantasy and the real thing.

For Fantasy Pride Day, Remittance Girl set the challenge of sharing an erotic fantasy that comes from your own sexual imagination, which contains some element of non-consent. If it’s of interest to you, head to Remittance Girl’s post to read the responses of her readers, or add a story of your own.

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  • Elisabeth Tilton

    I certainly agree. Fantasy rape and real rape are two entirely different things. It’s like the difference between pretending to eat hominy (insert the food you hate most here) and actually eating hominy. I could pretend horror and gagging at the taste of hominy and even have a lot of fun playing around with someone on the whole disgust play, but if I actually ate it I might really throw up… In fact you would have a difficult time getting me to put hominy in my mouth.

    The same thing is true of any type of non consensual sex in writing, play or fantasy. Just because it pushes someones buttons to pretend that way doesn’t mean that person thinks the real thing is ok.