Dirty Secrets

Dec 1, 10

Snooping inside a stranger’s head to discover their innermost desires and secrets is something we love to do at SonicErotica. Luckily, this week we have Charlotte and Alexiah to share their sexcapades, but still, times do come when we need our dirty laundry fix. So we were excited to discover the Dating Confessions over at Nerve, where you can discover a little about romance and a little about sex.

“I’m beginning to think my submissive tendencies are scaring the vanilla boys I date.”

“My breaking up with you is really a ploy to get you to appreciate me more. How could this possibly end badly?”

“I think of my lover when I´m with my husband, I think of myhusband when I´m with my lover… Am I being unfaithful to both?”

“I can remember the very first time we had sex, I can remember how we got there… I can remember; and feel still, the world shaking orgasm I had like none before. I can remember, but I cannot see you anymore…”

via: Nerve

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