Blogger Watch: Wyeth Bailey

Apr 6, 11

I’d like to draw your attention to some hot erotic fiction that I discovered through the twittersphere. Wyeth Bailey’s blog Dangerously Sweet features poetry, fiction and erotica. She’s a master of the #flashfuck, and updates regularly with writing she whips out for #FuckMeFriday and #WankWednesday.
Visit for an erotic quickie, stay for some lesbian BDSM eloquently presented in a lusty narrative.

The orgasm after that started somewhere outside of me, deep in my history, far in my future. Time folded, and within it crushed reason and memory, erased the line separating the two of us. This was the last orgasm. This was the first orgasm. I had stopped counting. I had stopped caring. I had stopped thinking. I had begun to feel.