Blogger Watch: Radical Vixen

Oct 27, 10

A deviation from the erotic authors we have previously highlighted; Radical Vixen’s blog contains her real experiences as a phone sex operator. If you think adult sex lines are all oohs and ahhhs until the caller blows their load, you’ll be amazed at the depth of psychological work these professionals employ to make hot aural porn on the fly. RV’s blog deliciously demonstrates the wide scope of sexual desire and offers insight into the many kinks that callers live out in telephonic fantasy.

“I just want you to kidnap me and keep me in your dungeon,” a client will tell me. This tells me that the call will likely be fun because kidnapping calls often are. The key is to mix enough realistic details into the fantasy to make it feel real…When KC is close to cumming is when I describe his new life as a kept slave. My fantasy dungeon is in a basement, has no windows and is completely soundproofed. His entire purpose is to please me. Soon he forgets about his old life. I’ll rename him and give him a new identity…The clients who have this fetish are almost exclusively married, have children and a stressful job. Often they feel trapped and unhappy in their lives but see no way of escape. That’s where I come in to whisk them away from their misery, if only for a short while.

Part exhibitionist, part storyteller, part unofficial therapist: the candid insider perspective that Radical Vixen shares is facinating. How does she handle the ass men, the piss drinkers, the enema lovers, the submissives, those who don’t know what they want and the jerk pranksters? What does she do when she needs to interrupt her delicate seduction to burp or sneeze?

Sometimes the calls all come in at once. The phone was quiet all day. Tonight Mr. Radical made some delicious chicken soup for dinner. As I took my first bite the phone rang. Three calls later I’m still quietly eating my soup. I’ve been employing my “mmm” technique while I put a spoonful in my mouth.

Radical Vixen features in the 2011 NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar. If reading her stories perks your interest in phone sex, she also offers an informative post on How To Get Great Phone Sex. “A thank you at the end of the call is a very nice touch. Not many callers thank me and it’s very appreciated when one does.”

Her naughtiest confession of all is that she knits while she works! Knit 1, Pearl 1. Come for me baby oh yes!