Aural Voyeurism: Checking In 2

Feb 12, 12

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Putting some time into it, Nicola makes sure to find all her own angles in the search for a powerful orgasm. And here’s a little extra info for you, Sonic listener: when she went into the studio to record this, she was carrying a vegetable conveniently shaped for hitting those spots.

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  • CJP


    From just listening both of your recordings here (including, of course, your stories of your personal sexual discoveries), there is a sense that you are an open, expressive, and free-spirited individual. For being so comfortable and free with yourself, you deserve exceptional congratulations. So many people are inhibited in one way or another when it comes to sex… and especially masturbation. It is refreshing to find your kind of expressiveness and, I must admit, more than a little exciting to be an auditory witness to it. In fact, I believe the two things are related; people are naturally drawn to and excited by those expressions of unencumbered attunement to such aspects of one’s most private and instinctual nature.