A Little Correction – Part 2

Aug 4, 06

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The second law of thermodynamics says “everything tends to disorder”. That includes lockers, bedrooms, and college boys who take their oral prac just a little too far.

  • A Connoisseur

    It sure sounds like it must have been hard for the lady instructor to break away , to discipline her pupil. I do know it was hard for me to hear her break with the flow of feelings she obviously was experiencing. The glistening sounds of the lingual stimulation and tasting are really exquisite. I want to tell the teacher to let fly next time; reprimand your student by flooding his mouth and face.

  • ashmedi

    Hmmm…… I think what A Connoisseur said covers it quite well. I like the voyeuristic idea of listening to the sounds of pleasure and think that part should be expanded.

    Nicely done. :)

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